Your VA mortgage checklist–everything you need to apply

You read about the VA Home Loan Program and you are excited. You want to get a mortgage with no down payment at a low interest rate that is guaranteed by the VA so that you can move into your dream house. That is exactly what this program was designed to do for eligible veterans and their families, but first you have to apply. The application process takes time, but it can be easier if you know what you need, are organized, and have everything ready.

Once you have found the house you want, and have chosen a VA approved lender, a VA mortgage checklist is a great resource to help you get organized. To participate in the VA Home Loan Program and get your mortgage you will need:

  • A Certificate of Eligibility which verifies your eligibility. You apply for this certificate at or your lender can do it for you over the internet.
  • The lender will request your personal information like name, phone number, address, place of employment, past places of employment within the last 2 years, income and income verification, up to 3 years back income tax returns, bank statements, bank accounts, checking accounts, etc. Ask your lender what you need to supply rather than getting all of this ready ahead of time. Different lenders ask for different information. All lenders will check your credit and income information, so be prepared for this.
  • Fill out the VA Home Loan Program application. Your lender can help you with the application and any information you need to apply.
  • An appraisal is done by a VA certified appraiser and the property value is reported to the lender and the VA in order to determine the worth of the home.
  • Get information from the lender regarding how much they can loan you, what percentage rate they are offering, what type of mortgage it is, what your monthly payments will be, if the payments include property taxes and home owner’s insurance, etc.
  • Sign the closing papers.
  • Send a copy of the mortgage loan paperwork to the VA in order for them to guaranty it and record that you have used your entitlement on your certificate of eligibility.

Another great resource to have when house hunting is a checklist you can print, so that you don’t forget any important areas and can write in your own comments about the homes you look at. You may be looking at so many different homes that you need to be organized in order to keep them all from blending together.

Print out this checklist at and stay focused and organized when searching for the home that is right for you.